Course Description and Curriculum

Knowledge mapping is a proven technique for connecting knowledge assets to a process, function, or domain. Knowledge mapping is a phenomenal change activity that helps KM practitioners facilitate their business partners in thinking through business operations and knowledge assets needed to support execution of the business.

This course will explain why organizations map knowledge; show critical success factors for making and analyzing maps; and demonstrate how organizations use completed maps to improve strategy and operations. Participants will build skills in this workshop by practicing the tactical steps and tools to scope and complete a knowledge map; identifying and analyzing knowledge gaps; and using the insights from knowledge mapping to enhance critical knowledge flow in and across business processes.

  • 1

    KMP-1 Introduction and Stage Setting

  • 2

    KMP-2 Overview of Knowledge Mapping

    • KMP-2.1 Overview of Knowledge Mapping

    • KMP-2.2 Overview of Knowledge Mapping - Resources

    • KMP-2.3 Quiz - Overview of Knowledge Mapping

  • 3

    KMP-3 Knowledge Maps and Their Use

    • KMP-3.1 Knowledge Maps and Their Use

    • KMP-3.2 Types of Knowledge Maps

    • KMP-3.3 Quiz - Knowledge Maps

  • 4

    KMP-4 Understanding Knowledge Flow

    • KMP-4.1 Critical Knowledge and its Impact

    • KMP-4.2 Sample Knowledge Mapping Questions

    • KMP-4.3 Critical Knowledge Resources

    • KMP-4.4 Quiz - Understanding Critical Knowledge

  • 5

    KMP-5 Strategies for Making Maps

    • KMP-5.1 Steps to Create a Knowledge Map

    • KMP-5.2 Select Focus Area

    • KMP-5.3 Define the Value

    • KMP-5.4 Establish the Team

    • KMP-5.5 Create the Plan

    • KMP-5.6 Identify the Criteria

    • KMP-5.7 Complete the Map

    • KMP-5.8 Conduct Analysis

    • KMP-5.9 Knowledge Mapping Charter

    • KMP-5.10 Quiz - Knowledge Flow Mapping Technique and Best Practices

  • 6

    KMP-6 Conducting a Knowledge Mapping Session

    • KMP-6.1 Starting the Knowledge Mapping Session

    • KMP-6.2 Seven Tips for Facilitating a Knowledge Mapping Session

    • KMP-6.3 Steps to Create a Knowledge Map

    • KMP-6.4 Knowledge Mapping Spreadsheet Walkthrough

    • KMP-6.5 Knowledge Map Example

    • KMP-6.6 Knowledge Mapping Template

    • KMP-6.7 Quiz - Conducting a Knowledge Mapping Session

  • 7

    KMP-7 Analyzing Your Maps for Results

    • KMP-7.1 Analyze, Plan, & Prioritize Improvements

    • KMP-7.2 Quiz - Analyzing Your Maps for Results

  • 8

    KMP-8 Knowledge Mapping in Action

    • KMP-8.1 Examples of Knowledge Mapping in Use

    • KMP-8.2 Best Practices From other Organizations

    • KMP-8.3 Final Quiz - What Great Looks Like

    • KMP-8.4 APQC Knowledge Mapping Resources

  • 9

    KMP-9 Highlights and Wrap-Up

    • KMP-9.1 Final Wrap-up

    • KMP - 9.2 Course Evaluation


Senior Project Manager

Elizabeth Larson

Liz is a results-driven change agent with over 20 years diversified experience in management consulting, manufacturing, and start-up organizations. Her experience blends marketing, change management, and knowledge management where she created new organization functions and innovative solutions aligned with business strategies. Liz's experience includes creating company-wide best practice initiatives, defining policies and procedures, and implementing change programs to inspire innovation and uncover the untapped potential in an organization.